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Since the early 2000s, MojoTech's leaders have pioneered machine learning, collaborating with the US Navy to classify acoustic data. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, offering expert advice and implementing AI and machine learning solutions. Together, we uncover novel insights, streamline operations, and revolutionize industries.

AI Consulting Services

AI Strategy & Roadmap

Our AI experts develop a comprehensive strategy aligned with your business goals by identifying use cases and defining a roadmap that capitalizes on high-impact AI initiatives.

Feasibility & Validation

MojoTech assesses your existing workflows, infrastructure, technology stack, and data availability to analyze your readiness for integrating AI into your company.

Rapid Prototypes

We create interactive prototypes that showcase the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of custom AI and ML solutions, allowing you to confidently embrace the potential of AI.

AI Development

Our AI specialists design and embed advanced AI & ML strategies into your existing systems resulting in Streamlined operations, consistent innovation, and quantifiable ROI.

Our Strategic Approach to AI Adoption

Fully harnessing and benefiting from AI and ML technologies can be challenging. MojoTech's consultants provide expert guidance, leading you from initial curiosity to rapid prototyping and decisive action, enabling your company to maximize the transformative capabilities of AI.


of companies across various industries are exploring the strategic advantages of adopting AI.


are conducting feasibility studies or developing MVPs to assess AI’s applicability.


of business have already begun using AI solutions to gain a competitive edge.


Strategic Planning & Discovery

Clearly define business goals, identify areas where AI can provide value, and outline the specific outcomes you want to achieve.


Data Preparation & Collection

Collect and prepare high-quality data, and choose the appropriate AI algorithms and ML models based on your objectives.



Development & Validation

Train AI models using prepared data, optimize parameters, and validate model performance using separate datasets.



Deployment & Integration

Integrate AI and ML models into existing systems, develop necessary APIs or interfaces, and ensure smooth deployment.



Monitor & Iterate

Monitor model performance in real-world scenarios, address biases, and make updates required to enhance efficiency.



Adoption & ROI

Provide user training, encourage adoption, and measure the impact of AI on key metrics to assess the return on investment.


Machine Learning Solutions

Unlock the power of data with our cutting-edge Machine Learning solutions:

Supervised Learning

Feed our system examples, and we'll teach it to predict outcomes. Ideal for tasks like sales forecasting and customer classification.

Unsupervised Learning

Discover hidden patterns in your data. Great for identifying customer segments or finding product associations.

Semi-supervised Learning

Harness the power of labeled and unlabeled data to enhance prediction accuracy. Useful when you have limited labeled data.

Reinforcement Learning

Let our system learn from trial and error to optimize actions. Perfect for tasks like automating business strategies or optimizing workflows.

Transfer Learning

Speed up results by leveraging models trained on related tasks. When time is of the essence, we kickstart the process using pre-trained models.

Ensemble Learning

Combine multiple models for higher accuracy. When precision is paramount, our ensemble methods ensure top-notch results.

Generative AI Services

Harness the creative potential of Generative AI above and beyond ChatGPT:

Content Creation

Automate and assist in producing high-quality content, from articles to design elements, tailored to your audience.

Product Design

Generate and visualize countless product variations, empowering quicker iterations and market tests.

Personalized Experiences

Deliver unique user experiences by generating content on-the-fly based on user preferences and behaviors.

Simulation & Testing

Create diverse scenarios for testing purposes, from market conditions to product performance, ensuring robust strategies.

Data Augmentation

Enhance your datasets with generated but realistic data, improving model training and analytics.

Computer Vision Services

Elevate your business capabilities with our advanced Computer Vision solutions:

Image Recognition

Automatically categorize and tag images in your database, streamlining asset management.

Product Inspection

Ensure consistent product quality by detecting defects and inconsistencies in real time.

Augmented Reality

Engage customers with immersive experiences, from virtual try-ons to interactive marketing campaigns.

Traffic & Crowd Analysis

Optimize store layouts, monitor foot traffic, or improve city planning through advanced crowd analytics.

Document Analysis

Digitize and categorize printed materials swiftly, from invoices to identity documents.

Unleashing the Power of Artificial Intelligence

We collaborate closely with clients to elevate their offerings through AI-enabled enhancements while creating innovative products that captivate users and propel their businesses forward.

  • Business Models

    Product Innovation

    20% increase in revenue due to improved product offerings and experiences.

    Operational Agility

    35% improvement in agility by quickly adapting to changing market conditions.

    Faster Decision-Making

    40% reduction in decision-making time as AI analyzes data.

  • User Experiences

    Enhanced Personalization

    20% increase in user engagement and satisfaction.

    Improved Customer Support

    30% reduction in average handling time and issue resolution.

    Advanced User Insights

    40% improvement in decision-making through insights into user behavior.

  • Processes

    Process Efficiency

    40% improvement in process efficiency through automation.

    Reduced Errors

    25% decrease in error rates as AI systems minimize human errors.

    Risk Mitigation

    35% reduction in operational risks by ensuring compliance with regulations

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AI Case Studies


ChatGPT Integrations Enable E-Learning Company to Automate Content Authoring

Amplifire, an e-learning platform, sought to streamline course development using generative AI for content creation. MojoTech conducted a concept validation study, creating a prototype integrating ChatGPT to generate summaries, outlines, and assessment questions from large PDFs, effectively reducing the workload for content authors and receiving positive feedback from users and clients.

Custom AI Large Language Model input prompt box.

Custom AI Large Language Model input prompt box.

Partnering with a leading healthcare information technology provider

Revolutionizing Healthcare with an AI-Powered, Real-Time Patient Consultation Tool that Enhances Precision Care and Decisioning

This innovative healthcare product uses AI and machine learning to offer real-world insights into medication effectiveness, side effects, and contraindications, sourced from trusted professionals and authoritative bodies like the FDA and NIH. Seamlessly presenting comprehensive knowledge supports informed decisions for intricate patient care, from personalized treatment analysis to uncovering hidden potentials in off-label usage and guiding approaches for complex diseases.